The Partners

Prevention and Safety Unit of National Research Council of Italy (IT)

The Prevention and Safety Unit (Unità Prevenzione e Protezione, SPP) is a high level technical structure of the National Research Council of Italy (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, CNR), the largest public research institution in Italy.

The Prevention and Safety Unit performs multidisciplinary activities. It coordinates all activities related to prevention and safety in CNR workplaces and promotes innovative health activities on cardiovascular prevention, cancer prevention and osteoporosis.

SPP takes part in many health promotion programmes in collaboration with national and international partners, as Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI), Italian Heart Foundation (FipC), Italian Society for Cardiovascular Prevention (SIPREC), Italian Society of Atherosclerosis (SISA), National Scientific and Technical Research Council of Argentina (CONICET), Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), International Olive Council (IOC), Lithuanian Heart Association (LHA), Slovenian Heart Foundation (SloHA), Whole Grain Initiative (WGI).

SPP is also involved in health education initiatives and manages an e-learning platform.

Bulgarian Sports Development Association - BSDA (BULGARIA)

Bulgarian Sports Development Association – BSDA (BULGARIA) was founded in 2010 and is a non-governmental organization devoted to the development of sport and improving sporting culture.

Main priorities: 

  • Reviving sport culture;
  • Volunteering in sport;
  • Education through and in sport;
  • Good governance in sport;
  • Integration through sport;
  • Skills of the future and entrepreneurship.

 Full member of ISCA – International sport and culture association, World Sport Pacific Federation and National Patient OrganizationConfederation “Health Protection” – Bulgaria. 

 Association team is creative and full of innovative spirit that works for the development of sport and sport culture in Bulgaria and Europe. BSDA membership is voluntary and the association involve both physical and legal persons who are willing to help sport development with time, ideas, effort or financial support. Association also organizes different events in the areas of: entrepreneurship, citizenship and active society. The team of BSDA consists of professionals from different fields as: sport experts, media specialists, tourism and hospitality, education, marketing  and others.


Istituto Europeo per lo Sviluppo Socio Economico – ISES (ITALY) was founded in 2008 as non-profit organization to spread European culture in Italy and to get closer public agencies, businesses and the third sector to the EU institutions through the development of funded projects following their whole bureaucratic, administrative and managerial path in accordance with the rules laid down by the European Commission. In particular, ISES cooperates since 2009 with different associations for sports promotion to implement projects at regional and national level.

ISES collaborates with the Università degli Studi di Roma Foro Italico in the projects:

  • “Inclusive Karate: a new perspective to decrease sedentary lifestyle and increase self-confidence in Down Syndrome – IKONS (GA 2018-2512) co-financed by the ERASMUS+ SPORT programme of the European Union. The project aims to spread in Europe the adapted teaching methodological approach developed in recent years by the I-Karate Global/IKF whose specific aim is stimulate the integration of physically and mentally disabled persons via inclusive karate as part of their personal development.
  • “A EU collaborative partnership for active lifestyles for the prevention and treatment of breast cancer- DANCING WITH HEALTH” co-financed by the ERASMUS+ SPORT programme of the European Union (GA 2017 – 2777). The basic view of DANCING WITH HEALTH is that sport for cancer patients has a double role. The first is connected with physical education, movement and health information, concepts contained in the primary directions of the EU. The other role is connected with learning and education. Through training, patients can be supported by skilled experts who can properly accompany them in their difficult path of treatments and recovery.

ISES has long experience in managing EU projects and managing communication and dissemination activities. It has been the responsible for the communication in all its projects developing the project communication strategy, tools and materials. In particular, ISES developed and managed different platform for e-learning and clearinghouses:,, and related communication / information campaigns.

Hellenic Heart Foundation is a non-profit organization (Legal Entity of Private Law). Its key aims are as follows:

  • Informing the public regarding risks of cardiovascular diseases and ways of their prevention. 
  • Organization of national and international conferences regarding issues related to the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Organization of one-day conferences and lectures.
  • Granting scholarships to doctors for training in the field of cardiovascular prevention as well as supporting several research projects.
  • Promoting cooperation between doctors, public authorities and social entities of our country.

Its key activities are as follows:

  • Organization of medical conferences.
  • Annual Event under the title “Assessment of Cardiovascular Risk” addressed to the public.
  • Speeches conducted at municipalities all over Greece addressed to public as well as lessons
  • regarding health at primary and secondary schools of our country.
  • Scientific Editions

Guild of Independent Creators (LT)

NKG has started its activities in 2004 in Lithuania.

NKG is a public, non-profit organisation. The organisation acts as a social platform for journalists, freelancers and other creators. NKG unites partners by the corporation’s / consortium’s operating principle which helps them lead and coordinate their activities, prepare and execute projects.

Founders of the institution: Professional journalists, various creators, marketing, communication, and personnel experts, who have experience in significant international as well as national projects.

NKG activities: Media activities (press, radio, television, social media), preparation of information and publishing, propagation and spread of culture, public relations, sports and social initiatives.  Creation of documentaries, TV shows, event organisation, strategy and communication consultation agency services, project preparation and implementation, gathering of independent creators. NKG professionals also develop communication strategies for businesses, advising them on branding and media communication. Furthermore, experts actively work with communication in social networks, consult, and prepare presentations for clients.

Cardioprevent Medical Foundation (RO)

CMF is acting in the following fields of expertise:

  • Interdisciplinary medical assistance
  • Medical research
  • Education for healthcare professionals and community
  • Healthcare promotion and prevention
  • Advocacy
  • Patient support

Part of these activities developed by Cardioprevent Medical Foundation are carried out through Cardioprevent medical center located in the same city, a healthcare institution that gathers a team of highly specialized doctors and state-of-the-art technology. These create the prerequisites for excellency in some connected therapeutic areas such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and metabolic diseases, pulmonary diseases and sleep disorders.

In our daily activity, we offer a multidisciplinary and integrated approach for the treatment of patients with different associated diseases, having as main tools the modern investigations and latest technology recommended by international medical guides.